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JS1k XMAS submission

December 09, 2010

Wanted to submit something that was just graphical this time around so I worked on a 3D Christmas Tree for my submission. The hardest thing was trying to pack a 3D engine with depth sorting and lighting into such a small package then of course I had to create the shapes for the tree and star. I got that and was happy but was told by my friends I should include snow.. so back to the drawing board. One thing that really helped was using the trick from the bouncing beholder demo from the first JS1K compo.

If you are running a modern browser (not IE8 or below) then below you should see what my submission ended up being.

Of course how it always goes a few hours before there was a pretty awesome Christmas Tree submitted by Roman Cortes lol mine is about 1995, where his is really modern looking.

Written by Jason Brown Father, Veteran, lover of everything tech.