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October 30, 2011

So I realized I have never posted anything on here about my gaming habits. Gaming is a huge part of my life its probably a bit higher than programming even. I am VERY partial to PC gaming, consoles are ok.. but I just look at them as underpowered PC’s :P. Plus its nice being able to install my copy of Homeworld and play it 13 years later without issue. Anyway I figure I will start to post some of my thoughts on games I am currently playing, and maybe some other tidbits from my collection.

My collection

Ill have to get some pictures up.. but I love collecting PC games, old and new. Currently my Steam account sits at just under 800 games, and my physical copy count sits at about 600 or so. I have most popular games that were released for the PC and quite a few obscure ones. I wont lie I haven’t played them all, last time I calculated I have played about a third of them. Once I get my spreadsheet up to date Ill post it on here.

Games Im currently playing

Right now Im switching between a few games, Dungeon Defenders, Battlefield 3, and Team Fortress 2. The Halloween events in TF2, and Dungeon Defenders are great I love when games include things going on in the real world, such as holidays.

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