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Recreating gifs for the jsBin Compo

August 19, 2013

There’s a really interesting competition the creator of jsbin is running. The competition involves recreating some pretty amazing gifs (mostly mathmatical based) using Javascript, CSS, and HTML. I couldn’t help but try my hand at a few of the gifs. As of this writing I have successfully (mostly anyway) reproduced four of the images.

Wavey gif

Wavey gif Demo

Crazy Crosshatch Switching gif

Crazy Crosshatch Switching Demo

P-Wave/Compression Wave

P-Wave/Compression Wave Demo

Finally my favorite and the one I did the most work on so far

Rough Seas

JS Bin

Im sure Ill try my hand at a few more before the competition is over. But I might need to take a break after the last one, it was pretty tough.

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