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Rift Enabled Canvas Demo

March 18, 2014


I have neglected to write for a while, have worked at 3 different jobs since my last post and things have finally settled down. I figured I would start back up with something pretty simple I did tonight.

My son was looking at my tunnel of doom demo and said it would be awesome on the Oculus Rift. So I figured I would try porting it. After a quick search I came across the oculus bridge project. The thing that interested me most was the CSS demo which uses some shaders to warp the screen for the rift. All I needed to do was add a canvas into each eye and I had a rift enabled demo.

There is one drawback currently chrome doesn’t support filters for accelerated layers so I had to keep my canvas size down in order for it to work, but with some up-scaling the effect turned out pretty cool.

Rift Enabled Tunnel

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