JCrumb - Instant Breadcrumbs

Version 1.0 -Google Code Page

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What is JCrumb?

JCrumb is a JQuery plugin for instantly adding breadcrumbs to any webpage without the need to worry about sitemaps, or server side languages. Just add the plugin to every page you want breadcrumbs on initialize and your done. Can be also be styled with JQuery UI.


First click the site links in order to get some breadcrumbs generated

Default Initialization


Using with JQuery UI

					$('#jqui').jCrumb({maxCrumbs:5, jqUI : true});

Using with Custom Styles

					$('#gray').jCrumb({defaultClass : 'jCrumb-gray', seperator:false});

Options Available

				options = {
					maxCrumbs : 4, 				// Number : Sets how many crumbs are displayed on the page
					maxMemory : 15, 			// Number : How many breadcrumbs will be stored for the user to follow
					defaultClass : 'jCrumb', 	// String: Controls how the breadcrumbs look
					jqUI : false,				// Bool : Attached jqui styles
					seperator : ">" 			   // False or HTML : Sets a seperator inbetween  the breadbcrumbs


jcrumb v1.0