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My Current Flash Project

February 16, 2009

Don’t let the from the site Nonoba and if you haven’t heard of this site your missing out. It’s a pretty big Flash portal similiar to Kongregate, the main difference is they offer a multiplayer API. The API is great, its pretty easy to use, and if you’ve ever done anything with socket programming and sending messages back and forth youll find no trouble using it at all.

I decided to try and incorporate the API into one of my current unfinished projects you can test it out here DeadEnd Right now its not much you and some friends ( up to 8 ) can run around and point your weapon at eachother. The cool thing is it only took maybe 3 hours total to incorporate it, and that was just due to my crappy class set up for the player because I never expected to have more than one player in the game. Next step is to add some enemies, and of course the ability to fire weapons. Ill post updates as I finish more of it.

Also I wanted to give credit to Emanuele Feronato if it weren’t for his blog I never would of found Nonoba.

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