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Messing around with OpenGL

February 23, 2009

bigbang1 300x240 Wasn’t in the mood this weekend to work on my current flash project, or  any other web projects, so I decided to mess around with the TAO framework. I made a game about a year ago called Glow Roids (the name is pretty comical when you think about it) using CsGL. I had a bunch of problems with it on different machines, mostly involving ATI cards, and Vista. So I decided to try out OpenGL with C# again only this time using the Tao framework. So far it seems to work pretty well on all the machines I’ve tried it on.

Really all I did was end up converting some of the Nehe lesson 19 code, and then making my own sprite class. Soon I’ll make an emitter class so I can have a full featured particle system up and running to eventually make some sort of game. Anyway here is the fruits of my labor a crazy particle effect that makes me think of the big bang.

Ill release the source if anyone really wants it. I warn you its not the prettyist!

Download Zip

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